Santander X Tomorrow Challenge call is now open

Please note that the application period finished on July 3rd. Currently, all applications are under review and we will notify with any news. Winners will be announced on July 17th.

At Santander, we believe in entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, people who think ahead and in a different way, who see challenges as opportunities and are able to find new solutions.

The world has changed forever, and our task is to shape that change. It's time for entrepreneurs to take out all their creativity and vision to find solutions where the rest only see challenges.

That's why we created the Santander X Tomorrow Challenge. A global call with more than 1 million euros in prize funding to support visionary entrepreneurs who focus on the problems we will encounter when entering the new post-COVID-19 social reality.

We are looking for startups that can solve 1 of the following 4 Tomorrow Challenges


How can people develop new skills to become more competitive professionals after COVID-19?


How can unemployment be reduced or how can we improve conditions and increase professional self-employment?


How can companies and industries adapt their business models after COVID-19 to thrive?


How can we re-open businesses identifying new opportunities to meet new market needs after COVID-19?

We are looking for the best 20 startups that will receive more than 1 million euros in funding, global exposure, mentoring by professionals and much more.

Entrepreneurs from Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, USA, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom and Uruguay will be able to register their proposals in from May 19th to July 3rd. Winners across all challenges will be announced on July 17th.


If you have an idea, we want to help you make it happen.

Select one of the four challenges to face the consequences and transformations that COVID-19 will cause in society and we will help you to build a tomorrow that favors the well-being of people, contributing to the economic recovery of companies and being responsible for the environment.

At Santander, we support the entrepreneurial spirit that helps build a tomorrow that favors people's well-being and drives the economy, always being responsible for the environment. If you couldn't apply to Tomorrow Challenge, don't worry; Santander X opens calls throughout the year to address different challenges. See more here.